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Open Mouth, Use Foot!

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The mouthkick (patent pending) from tonguenacity is an economical, non-medical, adaptive technology device for use by the tongue (in the mouth), that was created by a disabled drummer (loss of use of both feet) to re-gain a “foot” to play a kick drum with. Through almost three years of development it has become much, much, more.

By using the human tongue, the mouthkick creates and sends an energized signal to a small computer device attached to or near the user (think of the size of a Smartphone). This small computer device then broadcasts its program via Wireless/Bluetooth to electronically controllable devices that “listen and respond” – enabling a musician, the disabled, or anyone to control their instrument/world again, or for the first time!

The mouthkick as an adaptive technology/IoT device on the tonguenacity platform, is RoHS compliant (Restriction of Hazardous Substances), non-electrical, and non-magnetic, safe to use (no choking hazards), and is green!

As the flagship product of tonguenacity different versions of the mouthkick now enable the disabled (or anyone) to control their physical world again, or for the first time! In this time of The Internet of Things (IoT), this is much more than a “game-changer”… This technology is already restoring hope, independence, and dignity around the world.


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